Increase revenue for your ticketed event with professional internet broadcast.

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We take our role as your video production company seriously and will never deliver anything but our very best – no matter the project or its budget. Film is everything to us and your project is no different. We pour ourselves into it and won’t settle for anything less when it comes to showcasing your live event. We want to shoot it to be sure it’s shot right. You deserve that.

Hiring our team for your next live event is just smart business. You get the top-rated video production company in the region, along with a crew of real pros, for far less than you may believe and, because we’re the best, our cameras capture it all in just the way you envisioned. And, at the end of your event, that’s what you really need – great footage, great editing, and a great video experience. Call (646) 404-3637 and work with the best!


Live shoots take a great deal of planning and coordination to pull off successfully and can quickly unravel if your team isn’t prepared for every eventuality. With New York Video Productions, you can forget the stress and anxiety and focus on making your event everything you dreamed it would be.


Now that the planning for your live event is complete, and all of the information we gleaned has been included, it’s time for the real action to begin. This is where pre-production discovery really pays and where we start to execute our comprehensive strategy for capturing your live event just as you imagined. Plus, because we’ve already scouted the location, our equipment will be right where it needs to be long before your event kicks off.

New York Video Productions is proud to offer the finest live event coverage, but even prouder of the team we bring to pull off your event flawlessly. The represent a range of expertise and they all bring something of tremendous value to every production they’re a part of – including your big event. So, you can rest easy knowing the production phase will be completed by the best talent in the business using only the best gear available. That’s a winning combination – no matter the project!


All of the work done at New York Video Production follows our proven process from first contact through completion to guarantee we deliver a product that meets our incredibly high standards. While all of the steps outlined below may not be relevant to your project, the steps are still important to gaining a real understanding of what video production is and the way the process unfolds. After all, understanding is always the best foundation for a business relationship.


Our production team specializes in planning for, and dealing with, all the possibilities that come with a live video shoot. We’ll work closely with you throughout the planning stages to cover all the bases and deliver planned shots that will be indistinguishable from the natural flow of your event. That’s detailed, thoughtful work from a team you can trust to be in the right places to get the perfect shots. Capturing the unique feeling of your event is what we do and we do it better than anyone. Simply call (646) 404-3637 to get the ball rolling or use our Contact form here.


When you partner with New York Productions, you can rest assured that you’ve made the best possible choice and your live event will go off without a hitch. We’ll be right beside you through all the planning to ensure our crew knows your vision intimately and understands perfectly how to deliver it. We can tackle any live event you bring us.