New York Video Productions comprises a team of seasoned professionals with years of industry experience and creativity behind them. We cut our teeth on the latest tech and gadgetry through the years, and we always look to the horizon for new developments that will enhance our work and push our creative boundaries further. We bring focus and attention to every detail to every project we take on, big or small, and we can handle all the details, no matter the issues.
Edward Holub

Director, Producer

Jimi Woods

Locations Manager, Producer

Don Legarde

Video Journalist


Camera and Edit

William Hendrick

Camera Operator

Biran Pitt

Executive Producer

Gage Stork


Eric Laws

Sound Mixer

Mickey Geodis

Camera Operator

Employ a team you can trust. Experience, Creativity, Passion, and Love for the craft.


Ed and his entire team went WAY out of the way to capture an entire festival's worth of live musical performances with multiple cameras at a Jazz club, and did so in a focused and professional manner. Ed even came back on his own to shoot a quick promo for the entire run of shows, and I have to say that I was really pleased with the entire experience. I can recommend Ed and his team without hesitation.

- Mitch Stein


"Great job Ed and the team. Your work changed a lot of lives at PosiGen."

- Aaron D., CEO Posigen


"Edward Holub has an extraordinary visual sensibility. His images capture both the object and the story. In the tradition of trained professional auteur cameramen-editor-director....Ed is inspired! Authentic and real! I am proud of the work he has created. I met Ed right after a natural disaster and his contribution was amazing!"

- Susan Nash, O&M


"Working with New York Productions was a great experience. He uses top of the line equipment & gets the job done in a timely & cost efficient manner. It was a pleasure working with a professional company like this in the metro area."

- Jon Kerrie, Creative Director


"I’ve worked with Ed myself on a shoot, he was very professional, showed up on time, helped capture each scene in a high quality fashion and was very easy to work with. He’s a professional with pro gear and takes each production seriously."

- Deane Masjem Actress/Director


A new voice in Cinema

- The Guardian


"They really hit the nail on the head for the project they created for us."

- People Magazine


"Ed and his crew created a couple of conferences for our business, LocalU Marketing. We got a great product quickly and at a reasonable price without any hassles. Thanks, Ed!"

- Mary Bowling