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New York Video Productions is one of the metro's top-rated companies and that includes our work on Television content development. We have extensive experience in all phases of show running and production.  We can take your concept from idea to reality in far less time than you may think. And, because we have a proven process, you’re certain to see the results you’re looking for – whether it’s simple video production or full-scale development.


We truly are the best choice for your TV Show – no matter what stage of development it’s currently in. Our process focuses on key areas that can open up your production to a much wider audience and even potential sponsorships and network partners. That’s what you need if you want your new show to get the exposure it deserves and make its way to screens all across the world. It really is as simple as a phone call to (646) 404-3637 or taking a moment to fill out our Contact form.


When you come to us with your TV Show concept, we manage every aspect of the idea’s physical production – from its initial development to final edits. And, that’s exactly what you want if you’re looking for the best possible finished product. You need passion and enthusiasm. You need artistry and skill. That means you need our team of industry professionals and all the years of TV Show experience they bring to the table. After all, We can tackle any TV Show production challenge.

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While we’ve briefly touched on our process here, mere words on a page can’t convey our enthusiasm for your project and the opportunity to work with you. We’re passionate people working in a field we love, so any chance we get to help a client turn concept to reality is a win for us, and it doesn’t matter the scope or scale. We have the team to tackle any challenge and our status as the top-rated video production company in New York City extends to our work on TV Shows.

No one can deliver what we do – the technical skill, the creative artistry, the high-end result – at the prices we offer and if they do, you should run from them as fast as you can. We’re pros with decades of experience in the field and have managed projects ranging from one-man crews to hundreds of cast and crew on set. In short, your TV Show is nothing we haven’t done before to great effect, so don’t take chances with your million-dollar idea, bring it to the best in the region – New York Video Productions (646) 404-3637

Our proven process

At New York Video Productions, we follow our own proven process whenever we tackle a project to be sure that we have all we need to do the job and to do it better than anyone else could. We bring an expansive imagination and a profound business insight to every project and use our technical expertise to bring your vision to life in effective, persuasive videos covering any topic you can dream up.

While not every TV Show client comes to us with a pre-production need, we do require meetings to get the details we need and get to know those we’ll be working with. It really does make the entire process much smoother – no matter what the actual task will be. When clients require the full production package, we begin by discussing the concept in depth to discover the tone and style you envision and assist you with creative development – including personality and character development. Then we begin by focusing on building a web-based personality and using social channels to promote the project. This will also give us important demographic data we can use to entice sponsorships and networks.

We also use this time to do all of the essential tasks required to produce the show itself. This will include budgeting, scheduling, planning, casting and scouting potential locations for the shoots. The entire time we’ll be side by side with you to counsel you on any decisions where our experience can prove beneficial. In fact, you’ll have our expertise and energy every step of the way along with whatever wisdom we can share to better your experience and the finished TV production. There really isn’t a better way to get your show off the ground than with New York Video Productions. One conversation and you’ll agree, we’re the only right choice out there.


Now that all the scenes have been captured to your satisfaction, it’s time for us to take your project into post-production and let our creativity and technical expertise take the lead. But, even though this is where all of the editing will be done, no changes will ever be made without your approval and everything done will adhere to the original plan created during development. The real goal here is to add all of the missing elements and produce the experience you wanted your show to give to viewers. This work can be almost anything you can imagine – from motion graphics to color correction.

No matter what the subject matter or the style you’re trying to achieve with your production, our team has the talent and the tools, not to mention the technical skill, to deliver the TV Show you hoped for on time and at budget. It doesn’t matter what you’re challenges or post-production needs. The team at New York Video Productions has seen it all and handled it without issue – always delivering the finest work you can be proud to put your name behind. And, we can do the same for anyone with a good idea and the budget to see their vision made real.

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