Our FEATURE FILM work began in 1997 when "Night runs red" was selected for the New director's awards.


20 years of making magic leads us to you, if it has to do with the movie business we can help. We have the in-house talent to tackle any challenge brought to us and the equipment you’ll need to get that high-quality footage. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we have the right tools for the task and our planning and strategy works to prevent any delays or costly overruns. In short, we do a great job to specification without excuses and have fun while we do it. We’re making movies after all and who wouldn’t want to do that? We invite you to reach out to us regarding your film project and see what New York Video Productions can bring to your production. Call (646)404-3637 or fill out our Contact form here to learn more.

range of services

Our range of cinema video production services are all geared toward providing our clients with everything they could possibly need for a successful big screen experience. And, we’re not just talking about the movie theater here. We also specialize in concert visuals and know how to produce the bang you need to launch your show, to fill it with life, and to end it in style. Our filmmaking doesn’t stop there, though. No, it extends to trailers and title sequences where that kind of impactful work is even more appreciated. Whetting appetites is a skill we take great pride in and are certain we can do the same for your audience

FILM production

As a company founded by passionate filmmakers, we understand what this type of project means to you and will work tirelessly to see your dream made reality. We live for that opportunity and have yet to meet an issue we couldn’t overcome – onsite or off. So if you’re interested in learning more about our cinema video production process, and how it can impact your project going forward, just reach out to us at (646)404-3637 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and exactly what we can do to meet them.

No project is too big or too small for our team’s interest. After all, films don’t have to be huge to have an impact and budget has nothing to do with quality. So, don’t be afraid to find out more and see what a professional video production company can do for your idea, your concept, or your current project. We’re here to help and want nothing more than to bring your vision to life for the wider world. All it takes is one call to get started.

Our proven process

We look at cinema video production in much the same way as we do all of our other work – tons of planning and research – with a few minor adjustments to our process. The end result is still fantastic and the process is still heavily focused on pre-production, but as this type of work can last for longer durations the planning and logistical element is even more robust. It has to be if the project is to be completed on-time and at or under budget. Let’s check out the process when a client begins working with New York Video Productions on their cinematic production.

Script to screen

Our cinematic video production services begin with ensuring both calendars align and the work can be proposed. Once agreement is reached, we require a 50% deposit be paid to reserve the project dates before we commence work on the production. This being taken care of, we get down to the details of the operation. Depending on our assigned roles, we’ll offer our thoughts and recommendations while planning is underway and provide any insight we can into the project – from scripting to storyboarding, casting to location scouting.

The vital aspect of this planning phase for our production crew centers around the timetable established and their assigned responsibilities for those days. Knowing roles and responsibilities is a major part of an efficient set. Then comes the previsualization where we lock down where the camera will point, what it will point at, what will be voiced-over, are words necessary, what happens when and why, and more. These details give us what we need to find the right talent and locations for each shot, storyboard our vision, schedule the appropriate crew and gear, find the right direction artistically, and continually discuss our thinking with you, the client.


Since this phase is where much of the magic makes its way into your project, we take our time and use every ounce of talent we have to deliver a high-quality finished product to our client. It doesn’t matter the subject, the budget, or our overall role in the making of what we’re working on. Our team will throw themselves into the work body and soul in their effort to give you exactly what you had hoped for. That’s the ultimate goal of post-production, after all, to turn elements into something whole and new.

We bring years of experience in filmmaking to your project and use only the finest gear and industry-leading software to ensure what we deliver meet not only your high standards, but our own. And, we promise you that those standards are incredibly high because we wanted them that way. We won’t accept impossible and have tackled challenges that others wouldn’t dare. We do the very same for you in post-production and know our efforts will not go unnoticed – by you or your audience.

  • EPK and BTS
  • Casting
  • Location Scouting
  • Production Crew
  • Creative Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Visual Effects
  • Color Correction
  • Video Finishing