OUR DOCUMENTARY PROJECTS have spanned the globe both in form and content


Documentaries are one of our real passions here at New York Video Productions and have been since before Katrina struck the gulf coast.  We develop and produce both short-form and long-form documentaries for clients from a wide range of corporate, commercial, and entertainment interests and welcome the opportunity to bring our extensive experience to your next documentary project. Our award-winning team has worked with some of the biggest names in documentary filmmaking, but we’re just as pleased to help you tell your story – no matter its scope.


Whether you simply need footage from a location or an in-depth feature film, New York Video Productions is the right company for your needs. We know how to take an enormous amount of footage and refine it down to a clear and concise message without losing the tone or the pacing you had established for your film. That’s a useful skill when making documentaries and we bring it to each and every project we work on – on top of our storytelling abilities. That kind of resource is invaluable in documentary filmmaking and can be yours for far less than you might believe. Call (646) 404-3637 or filling out our Contact form here to learn more.


 Documentaries are vital in getting the story out in this day and age. They have the power to change the world we live in and, when done right, can inspire people to learn, to reach, and to grow. That’s what documentaries can do when they’re made with as much storytelling passion as technical skill. That’s the kind of documentary you get when you work with New York Video Productions. We offer our documentary video services to any client who contacts us.

Documentary production

New York Video Productions offers world-class documentary filmmaking to anyone with a story to tell and will do our best to provide valuable service within your budget. We can scale up or down depending on your needs and never fail to deliver the highest quality footage to every project we’re a part of. That’s the standard we set and we’ll not let up for even a moment if it means our clients get anything less than the absolute best. We’re dedicated to being the go-to source of video production services in all the area and our commitment to documentary film has never been stronger.

If you have an interesting story to tell, if you’re a part of historical significance, or if you want to document a happening before it’s too late then a documentary film is the perfect vehicle for you. And, New York Video Productions is the company you need to take your idea and make it real for you, your audience, and the world. Call (646) 404-3637 today to discuss your project with one of our enthusiastic team. We can’t wait to help you get started.

our proven process

Making a great documentary film is a bit different than most video production projects in several crucial ways. First, there is usually far more video to shoot in order to get enough to adequately tell the story you’re trying to convey to you audience. Second, the timelines associated with the work are much longer in most cases. After all, it takes a great deal of time and effort to capture everything necessary for telling a really good story and that’s where our process for documentary filmmaking really shines. Let’s go through what you can expect when you begin working with New York Video Productions.


In order to produce a truly impactful documentary, you need a cast of compelling characters and a complex story. Now, all documentary films aren’t the same, but that statement is never too far off from true to lead you astray. Great stories have settings, sure, but those aren’t what stay with us long after the tale has ended. No, it’s character and story that drive memory. So, when you come to us that’s where we’ll focus first. Our pre-production phase will be all about identifying the characters and finding the optimal pathway to relating their story.

Once we know the specifics, we can begin to plan the necessary steps to getting everything we’ll need to tell an engaging, effective story to your chosen audience. That will include a shot timetable which addresses the requirements for footage, an interview schedule wherein the topic is discussed with the key players, and much, much more. In short, there’s a great deal of activity and planning that, if done well, can save time and budget later on. And, it allows our team of talented, passionate filmmakers to deep-dive into the topic and you, the storyteller.


This is where most of the documentary moviemaking magic happens and where our team of writers, creative directors, producers, cinematographers, and editors really shines through. We’ve tackled every kind of documentary film known to man and triumphed in our finished product each and every time. We’re storytellers at heart and documentaries tell some of the most intriguing, heart-wrenching, and inspirational stories out there. And, telling them is our passion.

Our uniquely talented team will put every ounce of energy and skill they have into their efforts to transform your documentary footage into a truly moving experience. And, we’ll not rest until we feel your story has been told in the precise way you described during our original planning phase. Yes, that phase is still paying off and will inform everything we do all the way up to the final moments before your documentary is turned over to you. When our post-production team has finished you’ll know exactly why we’re rated as the top video production company in the region.

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