We have volunteered crew and gear for over a year and a half to The Funky Uncle New Orleans, helping to generate almost half a million dollars paid directly to out-of-work bands, musicians, and crew due to the results of the covid-19 pandemic. THE MUSTACHE PETTING ZOO, Last night’s show represented a particular feat of film making, with one guy switching 8 cameras with only two camera operators. We usually have at least 3 and often 4. It makes for a chaotic event to say the least. We do this to create a live concert experience for the bands and audiences. We differentiate these shows from the simple musician streams from bathrooms, porches, and living rooms across America. We do this to help the bands keep that live gig feel and we give the show to you, free, because we’ve all had hard times missing live shows and events. Since this is a charity we don’t have a budget for lighting or remixes after the shows. If you would like to offer your editing skills or equipment to help this effort, we would appreciate the effort greatly.