The Greater New Orleans Foundation is proud to be the steward of more than 800 donor-advised and donor-designated funds. Our donors make more than $23 million in grants to diverse nonprofits of all sizes throughout the region according to their specific areas of interest.

IMPACT is the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s discretionary grants program. Its goal is to promote a resilient, vibrant, and equitable region in which the special character of the Greater New Orleans region and its people is preserved, celebrated, and given the means to thrive. Funding for IMPACT comes from a portion of our assets, field of interest funds, and unrestricted funds. We are committed to increasing the dollars we have available for IMPACT through our fundraising efforts; however, at this time our IMPACT funding remains limited.

In 2017 the Foundation made the decision to adopt a multi-year, renewal-based grantmaking strategy. By providing nonprofit organizations general operating support for multiple years, we are giving organizations what they need most — time and money. In collaboration with our nonprofit partners, we will be able to devote more attention to our community’s most pressing problems. Organizations that receive general support IMPACT grants will be eligible to renew their grants for an additional two years. This will create a rolling cohort of organizations working to help the Greater New Orleans Foundation achieve its programmatic goals.

Nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations that serve the Greater New Orleans region are eligible to apply for funding. Organizations that are not tax-exempt but have a fiscal agent relationship with a 501(c)(3) organization are also eligible. The average grant size is $20,000; grants may be larger or smaller.