New York Video Productions


Dream Factory

Runaway film production was used to describe filming not done in Hollywood. Today with so many states offering lucrative tax credits, film production has become a national industry. We strive to help create not only in the Los Angeles hub but also on the east coast in the New York metro area as well as in New Orleans. So our backlot could be in your backyard.

“films are no longer primarily shot in Hollywood anymore, but deals are still made there.”

The Dream Factory can crop up in any state or country so new talent is always on the horizon and is being culled like never before.

“Experienced, dedicated, and emotional”

-Cal Silverstein

Critics are amazed by the influx of new titles but we as filmmakers cannot sit by idly as the world changes around us. The Dream Factory at New York Video Productions not only creates live content but actively dream up new entertainment products every day. We encourage all of you young (or old) dreamers to take the plunge and dive into your next production with us by your side.